The Outfox is my little gig that pretty much holds together everything I enjoy, which can range from mythopoetic sword-and-sorcery video games to long walks through Mt. Baldy while listening to John Mark McMillian’s latest album, and especially my temporarily titled Project ENTOR. Most importantly though, I am storing all this on the internet in this neat little (and unfortunately free) webpage that I call The Outfox, aka me, aka us, the community.

Project ENTOR, first of all, is a modern audio drama performed in podcast format. In theory I will release a “track” once a fortnight, hopefully around 10-15 minutes long each. It’s been a long journey, and for the most part I’ve been doing it solo, but yeah it’s been a fun ride. I hope I can start releasing it soon. I sort of show behind the scenes stuff on the instagram.

In the meantime, I do some art stuff because I think drawing is a fun and an important skill, and have wanted to find a place to collect my sketches. And I think I’ll be putting them on the tumblr thing I have for some reason. I would love to try doing a draw everyday thing. I also have this book I’m supposed to illustrate, and boy, it’s been taking me forever, mostly because I doubt my abilities and procrastinate. So, I’m trying to get that done as well.

Finally, I love to rant about stuff. Music, video games, movies, nature, hammocks, camping, my church, morning devos, and so a blog seemed like a smart idea. Really I would love it if no one read them, but there’s always those annoying good friends who read everything I do and encourage me, so yeah I love my friends. There, see? I just ranted. This page is becoming my first blog post already.

Hey, so thanks for sticking with me this far. You all are amazing, and I hope you guys will get as hyped as I am over this stuff. Most likely that will never happen, but seriously… love you all.

Thanks for your faith and curiosity,