Merry Christmas From The Fox

I know I should be taking a break during Christmas break, but with school and junk like that I thought it better to just plow through while I can. Though I can’t reveal much more at the moment, I can say that next year is going to be full of cheer, teasers and art art art.

As they say, Merry Christmas y’all!



#003: a talk on games & some dark hints about our first project

When I first decided to make a small, tight-knit group of individuals and collaborators, I had a goal in mind: we would come together and build all sorts of things, from simple stories to huge video games.

I know, I was such a nerd. Making a video game is quite a commitment, and it requires a lot of sitting in dark rooms, sipping coffee while staring at a screen, blinking and sweating, clicking and typing, and endless searching for bugs in the code.

Yea, I’m not so into that kind of thing, if you get me. Though I have huge respect for certain game developers, mainly smaller indie studios like Simogo, Capy and Superbrothers, I don’t want to be trapped inside all day. (Ok, fine, Superbrothers is more of an art studio. I don’t care). And at the very beginning, if any of you recall Hyrax or Seamango, that was my objective: to become an indie studio.

So I ran into a couple problems right at the start, and kind of realized that making a video game is hard work. I don’t really want to be a game developer, I’d rather be a game designer. So, I looked for a smaller, somewhat easier but more containable project to take on. At this time I actually had been taking on a book I had in mind, but for several reasons, it just wasn’t coming together. (The characters were so blah, and I hated the story, and everything about it after awhile, so there. It was based a lot off of old-time archetypical adventures and featured the working title “Broken Saga”. Who knows? It might still come back).

Well, around that time I was introduced to a special project Simogo made a little while back, and it totally inspired me to look into a whole new world- but more on that some other time.

At the moment, we are pretty darn close to announcement time. I’m so pumped, honestly. It’s taken a lot of time to put together, and honestly we’re not very close to finishing it. We can’t even give you a release date yet. Fortunately, it’s a sort of thing that we can release a piece at a time, and I think that’s part of the fun.

See you then.

captain fox

more to branding than a stupid logo

 the Outfox.jpg

I doubt I’ll ever finish branding the Outfox. Technically, no one does. A company’s brand continues to change every day, depending on the decisions they make. As I like to say, there’s more to branding a company than a mere logo- except I’m not a company. And I don’t even have a definite logo yet.

Trust me, this isn’t the logo. Maybe in like twenty years I’ll finally finish giving The Outfox a logo, maybe a cool website and images.

Either that or I’ll have moved on to a different brand name.

(Oh yea, I’ve updated the website icon a bit. If you’re viewing this on an iOS device, try pressing that little square button with an arrow and select “Send To Home Screen” for the full effect!)

the team


#002: a time of miracles, wizardry and cool cool things

Presenting: a very blurred photo of Team Outfox. Featured in the picture: a bunch of awesome folks providing their talents for PROJECT 001, including (but not limited to): the folk hero Mr. Rhett, legendary veteran and friend Mr. Gabe, creative and down-to-earth artist Ms. Serah, bona fide video and editing star Mr. Nate, & last but not least, the mysterious faceless director of MYTH Mr. Trevor on the far right.

It’s still not apparent what Team Outfox is working on, but by listening to the reactions of the common folk in the small area called SB, it’s going to be, as is evident by the people pooling their talents into this project, very, very cool.